What is window film?

Window Film is a low-cost, high-return energy conservation measure made of micro-thin layers of film combined with high performance coatings that bond to the glass surface.  Window film is rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and has the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation.

Can window film really make a difference in my electric bill?

Yes! Window Film will lower the heat that enters your home through your windows by up to 84%. The reduction in heat will let your air conditioner run less to keep your home cool and comfortable, prolonging the life of your a/c unit and lowering your overall electric bill.

Will window film keep my furnishings from fading?

Yes! Most window films will come with a 99% Ultra Violet protection. The U.V. protection is what is going to prevent fading in your floors, draperies, artwork, and furniture. Window film will also keep you and your loved ones safe from the harmful sun by protecting you from these cancer causing U.V. rays.

What is the best window film?

This is a difficult question to answer because every situation is different. We offer completely free consultations. At that time you will be able to see there are a lot more choices than dark or light, and shiny or black. “The best window film” is subjective to the individual needs and will be specific to each individual. Contact  our window film professionals to learn more about all of the options available to you.

What is my payback?

Though they provide similar energy savings, window films are much cheaper to install than replacement window – about 5-10% of the cost. Therefore, the capital investment is much lower for window film. Many projects produce a simple payback in less than three years  equivalent to a 33% return on investment!

Does the film go on the outside or the inside?

Inside, to protect it from the weather.

Will the film change my view?

Yes, the film will actually enhance your view by reducing the glare.

What does the film do during the winter?

Window film not only helps keep heat outside during the summer, but it can also help keep the heat inside during the winter. Therefore, you benefit in heating bills as well as cooling bills. The film will also slightly increase your winter median u-value. The insulating power of window film film makes your single pane window perform like a duel pane and duel pane window perform like a triple pane window.

Will the film scratch?

All of our films have the highest quality scratch-resistant coatings, but sharp metal objects or animals could scratch the film.

Can the film be removed?

Yes, the film may be removed; however, due to the chemical bonding that takes place with the films adhesive system, the removal will take some effort and we recommend that it be removed by a professional.

How do you clean the windows?

You may clean them as usual, though we recommend against using any abrasive cleaners or ammonia products (Windex) or sharp tools that might scratch the film. Due to the polyester coating, a soft, clean damp cloth will often wipe off most things, but for anything else, adding a capful of vinegar  or alcohol and a few drops of dish soap to some water should take care of it.


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